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Here are some frequently asked questions about GPS.

What is the overall mission of the Global Preservation Society (GPS)?

The Global Preservation Society is dedicated to fostering a transnational dialogue among young leaders on the topics of sustainability and environmental stewardship to help encourage responsible decision-making for the future of the planet.

What are four specific objectives of GPS?

  • To raise funds in support of grassroots efforts toward sustainability.
  • To educate people about the importance of sustainability and the need to conserve natural resources for future generations.
  • To encourage decarbonization, reforestation and the use of clean and efficient energy in order to achieve climate neutrality and to promote human health by reducing toxic pollution, promoting biodiversity and living in harmony with nature.
  • To bring young people around the world together to seek solutions to these problems and to demonstrate that together, we can make a meaningful contribution to society.

What does GPS mean by “worldwide sustainability” and “environmental stewardship?”

By worldwide sustainability, GPS means that continued growth in today’s world should not depend on compromising the needs of future generations, rather decision-making should be guided by the impact of our actions. Environmental stewardship concerns the protection and responsible use of our natural resources through conservation and sustainability.

Why does GPS believe young people are in the best position to solve today’s pressing environmental problems?

Because technology has created a world in which distance is no longer an obstacle to communication. Young people today can connect with their peers around the world like never before. We are also are the most prominent stakeholders when it comes to promoting a sustainable and responsible world for the future of the planet.

What is the purpose of the online Global Forum hosted by GPS?

The main purpose of the Global Forum is to promote collaboration and the exchange of ideas about environmental issues worldwide.

What is the purpose of the Global Fund?

Your donations to the Global Fund support our Global Grant program was established to help meet the financial needs of small, start-up or grassroots efforts toward environmental stewardship and sustainability worldwide.

What are some recent examples of specific Global Grants made by the GPS?

Recent recipients of Global Grants include the Pollinator Pathway Project in Weston, CT, efforts of the Weston Garden Club to plant butterfly garden at the local elementary school; Lachat Farm in Weston, CT, to fund the purchase of reusable utensils and dishwasher cutlery baskets for use at town events; and Post Millennials in Porsgrunn, Norway, to fund the purchase of organic and sustainable/recycled materials for a clothing manufacturing start-up operated by a consortium of young millennials.

How can you support the mission of GPS?

You can make a donation to our Global Fund and/or contribute to the conversation by sharing your ideas to protect the environment. You can post a blog on our website at and share your knowledge or experience to educate and/or inspire other communities and individuals to action. Your blog post will be reviewed for conformity to our publication guidelines, and if approved, your post will be featured on our Global Forum.

How do the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations inform the work of GPS?

The UN SDGs are a blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. They include 17 goals to address the global challenges we face by outlining actions individuals can take to protect the environment and build a better world. GPS shares these values, and these goals inform our mission to achieve worldwide sustainability.

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