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Global Preservation Society Grants $500 to the Connecticut Food Bank

At the suggestion of Senator Chris Murphy, and other state and local officials, the Global Preservation Society has provided a $500 Global Grant to the Connecticut Food Bank in an effort to feed the community during the Coronavirus. To donate, visit  Be safe, stay well — together we will overcome!

While it might not feel like the best of times right now, people are proving that there is still so much good in the world. Thank you to the nurses, the doctors, and most of all – to all of the people who are listening to try to get this Coronavirus under control.

GPS awarded a $500 Global Grant to WIRES

During the height of the Australian Wildfire Crisis in January 2020, GPS awarded a $500 Global Grant to WIRES – Australian Wildlife Information and Rescue to help save wildlife impacted by the spread of fire in central Australia.

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Norwalk River Watershed Association received a $1,000 Global Grant

In March, the Norwalk River Watershed Association received a $1,000 Global Grant supporting the Pollinator Pathway steering committee’s need for printed educational materials regarding expansion of the Pollinator Pathway through the northeastern United States. This grant will be used to fund plant lists, brochures, and alternatives to pesticides educational materials for distribution at The Pollinator Pathway Northeast Conference on June 11, 2020, an effort convening town leaders from 88 participating towns in New England to share ideas on ways to protect pollinator habitat in the region.

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GPS awarded a $500 Global Grant to Mended Little Hearts

In honor of Valentine’s Day, GPS awarded a $500 Global Grant to Mended Little Hearts, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the patients and families of children with congenital heart defects and disease. The grant will support services that directly impact the quality of life of suffering children, such as group programs offering peer support and education, and hospital outreach and patient advocacy programs.

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October 2019 Global Grant Recipients

October 2019: Pollinator Pathway, Weston, Connecticut, awarded $1,000 to fund the Hurlbutt Elementary School Butterfly Garden in Weston. Proceeds will be used to prepare organic garden beds and purchase perennials specifically to attract a variety of butterfly species and provide nutrition to butterfly larvea. The Weston Pollinator Pathway Project is managed by the Weston Garden Club and its goal is to create a diverse ecosystem resulting in a Green Corridor connecting Wilton, Westport, Fairfield, Easton, Weston and Redding townships.

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September 2019 Global Grant Recipients

September 2019: Lachat Farm, Weston, Connecticut, awarded $750 to fund the purchase of reusable utensils and dishwasher cutlery baskets to avoid use of disposable plastic cutlery at town events and will also be used to fund recycling receptacles and instructional signage to promote recycling at the farm. The mission of Lachat Farm is to unite all
generations around a community farm effort by celebrating Weston’s farming roots and offering extensive educational programs related to agriculture, the environment, sustainability, nutrition, and the arts while fostering an appreciation for the history of Weston and its diverse community. Lachat Farm hosts about 4,000 visitors each year for events including monthly Farmers’ Markets, summer outdoor live music, winter indoor fireside music concerts, children day programs and multiple monthly educational events.


August 2019 Global Grant Recipients

August 2019: Post Millennials, Porsgrunn, Norway awarded $1,000 to fund purchase of organic and sustainable/recycled materials for clothing manufacturing startup operated by young millennials internationally. The mission of Post Millennials is to inspire, influence and unite young people to use art and creativity to promote sustainability worldwide.

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June 2019 Global Grant Recipients

Sustainable Weston, Town of Weston Connecticut, awarded $2,000 to fund three project interns to assist with the self-assessment application to SustainableCT for recognition of the town’s sustainability efforts. The mission of Sustainable Weston is to promote awareness of sustainable living practices, educate the public and develop a path toward sustainability in Weston.

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